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Helping Individuals and Helping Families around the World when it comes to Matters that greatly Impact their Lives!!!

Welcome to the Website that Can and Will make a Positive Impact to All that Visit! I am a Dedicated Internet Marketing Professional with 5 years experience in Learning what works and what doesn’t work to help you and your Family in a variety of Topics such as,:

***Home  Based Businesses that produce results                                          ***How to Make Money Online that makes a difference in your Life ***How to Save Money from the Greedy Scam Artists                     ***How to get HELP for Alcohol and Drug Addictions                                 ***Inform you on the Global Bitcoin Phenomenon                                           ***Valuable Health & Fitness Tips

Let’s Get Right into Helping you Improve Your Lifestyle with what I perceive to be the Best Online Opportunity! The reason I say this is because the Founders and the Leaders of the Company are on a Mission to Correct an injustice that many of the so called Internet Marketing Gurus have Perpetrated upon we the unknowing masses of people trying to make some extra money or live the lucrative laptop Lifestyle for years now!

I know because I  am talking from hands on experience of being taken advantage of my Time and Money and Lots of it for years! There are so many situations and methods they use to bilk us out of our hard earned money and then point us on to the next shiny object which only lines the pockets of a few at the top of the food chain! You don’t know how Lucky you are to be visiting my website Hopefully you are reading this page before suffering the losses I have over the years. These predators are slick with their wording and gimmicks to get us to keep buying and all along knowing full well they are NOT giving us the full scoop!

I am Going to Point you to an Online Revolution going on as I stated earlier! The beauty of this for all of us is when the right person gets taken advantage of enough times that they want to correct the injustice or die trying! Ir takes this kind of massive commitment by a Visionary and Leader that warrants us to take notice and Appreciate what they are trying to do to Help many others not have to endure what they went through! I am Talking years of their lives wasted away (Time which can never be recouped) and Loss of 1,000’s and tens of 1,000’s of dollars which needlessly was lost. Now money may be able to be replaced but all the months and years lost are never going to be retrieved!


I have been associated with a Movement like this years ago in the Life Insurance Industry! Where a High school Football coaches mother got ripped off with Insurance and her son took on the largest Industry in the world and Won & Revolutionized it! and Thanks to Art Williams many family’s around the world Never had to suffer like Art’s mother did! So I see the same type of Major scam being perpetrated now in the Internet Marketing Industry which  hurts and Negatively Impacts many many Families around the world!


Jeremy Rush download (3)

Art Williams who with a Team of committed individuals Revolutionized the Life Insurance Industry seems to have an Identical Twin in the Name of Jeremy Rush, a former Plummer, who has a committed movement taking hold in the Internet Marketing Industry! I feel just as compelled now as i did back in the 80’s to join, support and help Revolutionize the Internet Industry helping just as many families from unnecessarily suffering Financially, Emotionally and Physically!!! Needless to Say these are 2 HEROES of Mine because they picked up the Flag and Owned it to make a difference not just for their own Families but for many many people around the World! This is NOT a J-O-B or a Hobby to these 2 Special People but it is a CAUSE worth fighting for around the clock! So That is why I chose to Join Art Williams in the 80’s and why I choose to Join Jeremy Rush 7 months ago as he Launched #Zukul and Just 2 months ago he added Launched #ZukulAdNetwork with many more streams of Income to be added throughout 2016!!!

The Internet Movement of 2016!!! Zukul is ChangingLives around the World!!!
Looking to Make Money Online Look no further Than Zukul!!!

Talk is cheap so there is nothing like the real deal Documented Proof!!!Not only ‪#‎MakeMoney‬ with us but feel good doing it!!!

‪#‎Zukul‬ and ‪#‎ZukulAdNetwork‬ Best of 2016!!!

Not only an ‪#‎OnlineBusiness‬ where the ‪#‎Team‬ succeeds together (Noone is left behind like all the other online Programs) but also doing good ‪#‎Charitable‬work around the world!!!

Now you are really talking a Global WIN ‪#‎WIN‬ Internet Movement!!!

Zukul’s ‪#‎GoodCauses‬ is starting by helping the Filipino People who have No money but have a ‪#‎Dream‬ of having the ‪#‎Laptop‬ and ‪#‎MobilePhone‬Lifestyle!!!


Helping Individuals and Families around the World to Make and Save Money!